Human Impact Educational Day

Sustainability, innovation, and social responsibility

Time: 08:30 – 16:00, Sept. 23, 2019
Venue: Viborgs Rådhus – Multisalen, Prinsens Allé 5, 8800 Viborg

Monday, September 23rd, VAF invites young students from Viborg, for an international educational day and Human Impact-Hackathon – “from climate knowledge to climate action”. The target is the salvation of our planet from ourselves!

The scope and task is the creation of the best stories about our environment – storytelling that generates awareness and hopefully will lead to new actions and more sustainable behavior in the individual. The younger generations of the world, carry the motivation, ambition and drive to make this happen!

Human Impact (HI) is a 3-year long initiative under Viborg Animation Festival, with the ambition of educating, disseminating and motivate climate awareness and action to professions and the general public.

21st-century humans seem to have forgotten their part, and dependency, of our planet’s intricate and complex ecosystem. Now is the time to act and disrupt and change perceptions and behavior – but not out despair and disbelief in our social and natural conditions, but our of hope and faith that our own actions, as individuals and communities, matter, and are essential to a sustainable future for all life on Earth.

At the Human Impact Educational Day, we will engage selected local environmental challenges that have a global reach. We will work with possibilities, conceptions, and solutions, over facts, statistics and fear. Through diverse and interdisciplinary perspectives on contemporary climate and environmental agendas, we will develop story concepts that attract attention and can motivate decision-makers and citizens to take action. Our aim is to change people’s behavior, to reduce human impact and climate footprint. This can be done by motivating individual citizens to change their behavior and way of living, e.i. introducing limitations as prospectively and responsible everyday strategies to reduce human impact instead of continuously and blindly adding to it.

The focus of Human Impact 2019 is sustainability, innovation, and social responsibility, unfolded through Danish agriculture, recycling and water waste management. The target group is young Danish citizens, like their generation, in worldwide media has proven to possess the will to change and action! VAF, therefore, invites 120 local students from youth educations in Viborg, to attend and participate in an educational day, where they, mixed in multidisciplinary teams, will work intensively with select cases in sustainable farming, waste management, and water.

An expert panel of international and Danish environmental politicians, climate researchers, innovators, and great visual storytellers will make sure the students are properly dressed for the intensive Impact-Hackathon in the afternoon. Here the students together will design, write and illustrate messages, campaigns, films, and cartoons that will catch our attention and cry out to us as individuals – to afford the change, common hope, and combined action!

To ensure the students reach this target, the Impact-Hackathon is facilitated by passionate agents from the civic organization International Network of Green Agents (INGA). The best stories and concepts will be rewarded by the end of the day, to be exhibited later in the year.


For any further information about the Human Impact Educational Day, contact:
Jakob Borrits Sabra // //+45 87 55 49 91

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Film Screenings: Human Impact

Human Impact I - "Foot Print"

Human Impact II - "Behavior"

Speakers at the Human Impact Educational Day

Claus Holst Iversen

Gilles Bœuf

INGA - International Network of Green Agents

Jacob Mogensen

Morten Thorning

Pia Vejling & May Ling Choong Knudsen

Theresa Scavenius

Thorbjørn Petersen