VAF Guests

Viborg Animation Festival is an international festival with many guests from different countries.

On this page you can get an overview of our invited guests who are visiting VAF with their films and exhibitions. Click on each picture to read more about the guests and to see which events you can meet them at!

International short films

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Louise Bagnall

(Late Afternoon)

Ru Kuwahata

(Negative Space)

Moe Koyano

(Apple Slices)


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Sif Perlt

(Tales of Zale)

Maremi Watanabe

(Hakaolili – Girl in a Box)

Mikkel Okholm

(Quantum Heroes)

Sofie Nørgaard


Japanese short films

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Tatsuyuki Tanaka

(Toujin Kit / Genious Party Beyond)

Ryo Hirano


Hibiki Yoshizaki



Hirano on Fantastic World

Ryo Hirano, whose quirky manga work Fantastic World is in the Kawaii&Epikku exhibition at Viborg Manga and Animé Museum, and his short film Holiday in the Japanese Short Films for Adults program in Viborg Animation Festival, will talk about his educational background, what inspired him to become an animation / manga artist, and how Fantastic World was born. He will explain the reality surrounding the independent animation artists in Japan. Some artists, artworks and events including the earthquake in 2011, that affected the foundation of Fantastic World, will be discussed in this artist-talk. 

Time: Friday September 29th 3.30-4.30 pm 

Place: Viborg Manga and Animé Museum, Hjultorvet 4, 8800 Viborg