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Tillykke til vinderne af VAF Awards 2019! Lørdag d. 28 sept. var en mindeværdig aften, hvor vi hædrede festivalens bedste film.

Se hele listen over kategorierne og vinderne nedenfor.

VAF Best Feature 2019

“A smart, broad and humanist movie, at the height and viewpoint of the young and promising Wardi. The Tower delivers an unprecedented, sensitive and bright interpretation of an unsolvable conflict, between reality and fiction.”

– Yves Bouveret

Special Mention:

  • This Magnificent Cake! – af Emma de Swaef & Marc James Roels
The Tower - by Mats Grorud

VAF Best Short Film 2019

“A masterfull exploration of timing, pace and rhythm required to slowly build up it’s narrative and to immerse the spectator into its particular graphic universe. It delves with the themes of love, rejection, desire, jealousy, despair and hope in a very inventive and often humorous way, cleverly avoiding cliches and offering a fresh and sincere look on them with a very unique set of aesthetic references. The 2019 Viborg Animation Festival Grand Prix goes to Mr. Mare by Luca Toth.”

– Charalambos Margaritis

Special Mentions:

  • Movements – af Jeong Dahee
  • Roughhouse – af Jonathan Hodgson
Mr. Mare by Luca Tóth

VAF Best Student Film 2019

“The Redness of Red by Emily Downe is an exploration of consciousness – what does it mean to be a human being in an age of increasing artificial intelligence? Through analogue techniques, Downe reminds us of the beauty and empathy of human creativity, but also how this same creativity has led to the invention of AI. Chilling lines such as “machines will get better and better at faking it” remind us of a possible future where humans’ ability to empathize and create human qualities where there are none could possibly lead to our own demise. The Human Impact here is evident.”

– Inez Kristina

The Redness of Red - by Emily Downe

The ANIDOX: VR Award 2019 - Immersive prize

“The experience that the jury has selected to receive the Immersive prize (1000 Euros), is one that we all were very impressed with, both conceptually and technically. This is an experience that uses the VR platform to explore that which you cannot do in real life, and pushes the artistic and technical boundaries as well as gives a strong connection to the vision of the team. In ways, this experience opens questions to what art is and the representation of art and lets you submerge yourself interactively in creative and daring ways. It is beautifully executed and brings the art experience to a new level, where you no longer only are the spectator.”

– Monica Hellström (Final Cut for Real), Simon Løvind (Dansk Film Institut) & Klara Grunning (Svenska Filminstitut)

The Scream - by Sandra Paugam and Charles Ayats

The ANIDOX: VR Award 2019 - Innovative/Residency prize

“The experience that the jury has selected to receive the Innovation/Residency prize (residency), is a brave and important project, that showed great potential and commitment to explore the VR platform in different ways. We appreciated the experimenting drive that gave the project possibilities exploring different expressions and styles. The Jury believes that this prize will give the creator a possibility to hone the precision of their work and vision in their next project.”

– Monica Hellström (Final Cut for Real), Simon Løvind (Dansk Film Institut) & Klara Grunning (Svenska Filminstitut)

Another Dream - by Tamara Shogaolu

The Human Impact Educational Day Award 2019

“This Monday, we kicked off the Animation Festival by doing a Human Impact Hackathon course in Co-operation with the NGO called Inga, lead by Anders Christensen, where several high-school students from all around Viborg had to come up with sustainable solutions to issues that our environment is now suffering from. In groups, they had to come with a graphic pitch to explain their ideas to a jury, which I was honored to be a part of. The criteria that we voted by was “Impact” – like the festival title”, and the group that won had developed a fun, but also striking idea for an infomercial, where you wouldn’t see the ordinary pictures of animals dying from human waste in the seas, but instead you would see humans. The group title was “recycle or die”, and they executed it wonderfully and with an Impact.”

– Thorbjørn Petersen

Manage Your Waste or Die! - by Signe Engberg, Morten Heitmann Nielsen, Laura Hamborg & Siff Grahndin Jensen

The ANIMOK Viborg Youth Award 2019

“It is a beautiful film.”
“It had a really good and important message.”
“It tells a good story about our inner feelings.”
“It is a bit strange, but I like it that way.”
“I really like the creatures.”
“It tells a story that I understand.”

– 130 skoleelever fra Viborg

Fruits of Clouds - by Kateřina Karhánková