Important ticketinformation

Tickets for the VAF screenings can be booked on

  • It is not possible to pick up tickets in the ticket sales without a preorder through the website.
  • Orders can only be picked up on the day of the film.
  • Orders must be picked up within 20 minutes before the screening. Orders that are not picked up will be canceled and handed over to the people on the waiting list. We recommend you to arrive in good time.
  • If you want to go to see a fully booked screening, contact Fotorama’s ticket office and they will inform you od your options to see the film anyway – often there are last minute available seats.
  • If you are prevented from coming to a screening, we kindly ask you to delete your order so others can book the seats.
  • The films start at the scheduled time.

If you have questions about the above, contact Fotorama’s ticket order at +45 86 62 06 59

Tickets can be reserved from Monday September 9th at 12:00 PM