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Ryo Hirano on Fantastic World

Friday September 29th 3.30-4.30 pm 

Ryo Hirano, whose quirky manga work Fantastic World is in the Kawaii&Epikku exhibition at Viborg Manga and Animé Museum, and his short film Holiday in the Japanese Short Films for Adults program in Viborg Animation Festival, will talk about his educational background, what inspired him to become an animation / manga artist, and how Fantastic World was born. He will explain the reality surrounding the independent animation artists in Japan. Some artists, artworks and events including the earthquake in 2011, that affected the foundation of Fantastic World, will be discussed in this artist-talk. 

Jaqueline Berndt on In This Corner of the World

Wednesday September 27th 4-5 pm

She holds a PhD in Aesthetics from Humboldt University Berlin (1991) and has been engaged in manga studies as well research on modern Japanese art, visual culture, and anime aesthetics. For The Japan Foundation she directed the world-traveling exhibition Manga Hokusai Manga: Approaching the Master’s Compendium from the Perspective of Contemporary Comics (2016-). Her publications include the co-edited Manga’s Cultural Crossroads (2013) and the monograph Manga: Medium, Art and Material (2015).


On Wednesday September 27th she is giving a lecture on Kouno Fumiyo’s manga In This Corner of the World, comparing it to the animated movie which will be screened at Fotorama 9 pm.

Nobuyuki Tsugata on Noburo Ofuji

Friday September 29th 5-6 pm

A renowned Japanese researcher Nobuyuki Tsugata, who is an expert on Japanese animation history, holds two lectures at Viborg Animation Festival this year.

The first lecture is about Noburo Ofuji, one of the most notable auteurs of Japanese animation of the first half of the 20th century. Some images from his notable works are presented at this year’s Kawaii&Epikku exhibition. Noburo Ofuji worked primarily with cutout and silhouette animation. His later films were produced independently with high artistic and critical success. The Whale (1952) was shown in Cannes Film festival in 1953, where he received compliments from Pablo Picasso.

Noboyuki Tsugata on Japanese Animation History

Saturday September 30th 2-3 pm

Nobuyuki Tsugatas second lecture at this years festival is on Japanese Animation History, where he will tell us about 100 years of Japanese animation – so-called “anime”- history in just under an hour. How did Japanese developed their distinct animation style? What influenced technically and artistically, and where is it going? Get a deeper insight into Japanese animation, and get closer to the east!