Experience the cathedral as never before and join us on an artistic journey

Time: Friday, September 28th, 20.00 – 20.45
Place: Viborg Domkirke, Sct. Mogens Gade 4, 8800 Viborg

At Viborg Open By Night Friday evening on the 28. september, Viborg Animation Festival invites you to the spectacular animated light show on the cathedral. Rewatch the success “The Sky Over Viborg”-
an artistic staging which combines sound and light projections on the cathedral and brings it to life. Experience the usual settings in an unusual way and gain a new perspective on Viborg.

”The Sky Above Viborg” is a graphical journey through the reformation and the age of enlightenment. Using an abstract language of animation, lights, and sound, The Sky Over Viborg presents an insight into the wonderful and terrible Europe during the reformation.

After Himlen over Viborg you can experience the work of the French artist Simon Rouby called Sleeping Giants. Sleeping Giants involves 10 people from Viborg who comes together in a work of art, which lets us experience how humans look like, when we dream. The 10 people shares their dreams and their sleeps with us as the artwork is projected on the cathedral of Viborg. Sleeping Giants is a loving and intimate portrait of the human dreams…