The Biggest Manga and Anime Exhibition in Northern Europe // ©2008 TATSUYUKI TANAKA/s

Date: September 10 – October 20
Place: Viborg Manga- and Anime-Museum, Hjultorvet 4, 8800 Viborg

Opening hours: Thursday, 13:00-21:00 // Friday – Sunday, 11:00–17:00

Extended opening hours in the Fall Break (week 42): Monday – Wednesday, 11:00-17:00 // Thursday, 13:00 – 21:00 // Friday, 11:00-17:00

Explore the wonderful and enchanting world of anime and manga at Northern Europe’s biggest manga exhibition!

KAWAII & EPIKKU – Viborg Manga- and Anime-Exhibition offers a unique opportunity to experience the true richness and diversity of Manga – from cute to post-apocalyptic. The exhibition will, among others, include beautiful works of Osamu Tezuka, the collection Genga’(DASH) from Kyoto Seika University International Manga Research Center and Kyoto International Manga Museum as well as newer art pieces from Koji Morimoto and Tatsuyaki Tanaka and many more.

On the top floor you can explore our manga library and have a break in our cosy reading nook or challenge yourself with creating your own manga or origami.

The exhibition is spread across all three floors in the building, as well as the museum shop that will be selling Japanese figures and merchandise.

Pay what you want:

KAWAII & EPIKKU is a “pay what you like”-exhibition. You decide how much your experience is worth. Every donation counts.

Partners: The Animation Workshop, Office H, Japan, Kyoto Manga Museum, Kyoto Seika University and Nyt Viborg Museum.

Museum exhibition

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Noburo Ofuji



Koji Morimoto

In this Corner of the World


Hello Kitty

Osamu Tezuka


Atsuko Fukushima

Fantastic World

Tatsuyuki Tanaka


Events at the museum:

Jakob Stegelmann lecture
Wednesday, September 27th, 17h30-19h00

Origami Workshop in the tent outside the museum (in Danish)
Friday, September 29th, 20h00-22h00

Lecture about Fantastic World by Ryo Hirano (in English)
Friday, September 29th, 15h30-16h30

National Film Center presentation of Noburo Ofuji by Nobuyuki Tsugata (in English)
Friday September 29th, 17h00-18h30

Origami lecture by Hans Dybkjær (in Danish)
Friday, September 29th, 20h00-21h00

History of Japanese Animation by Nobuyuki Tsugata
Saturday September 30th, 14h00-15h00

Manga Workshop with Mads Ellegaard Skovbakke
Sunday Oct. 1st, 13h00 – 15h00

Pop-up shop at Viborg Manga og Animé Museum

Faraos Cigarer is happy to be part of VAF 2017. Faraos Cigarer is a shop specialized in merchandise from different areas. We have various shops, in the Copenhagen area. To celebrate this year’s theme, we have chosen a lot of merchandise that are both ”Kawaii & Epikku”.

From 10th to 24th sept. and from 2nd to 20th oct.
Thursday – 13h00 -21h00
Friday to Sunday – 11h00 -17h00

During the VAF week sept. 25th –  oct. 1.st
Monday to Tuesday – 10:00 -17:00.
Wednesday – 10:00 -20:00
Thursday – 3:00 -21:00
Friday and Saturday – 11:00 -21:00
Sunday – 11:00 -17:00

Viborg Manga and Anime Museum