Japan is known for their refined sense of materiality and spatiality. The Japanese folding art, Origami, is a fantastic insight into the wondrous Japanese universe of forms folded from the finest papers. Viborg Manga and Anime Museum exhibits a wide range of figurines and tessellations by the Danish Origami artist, Hans Dybkjær. To the naked eye, Origami seems as a simple piece of paper being folded, but you will find that the traditional history of the form contains aspects such as mathematics, fine motor skills, Japanese culture, colors and materials entwined as beautiful creations. Come along for a journey in the universe of Origami when Hans Dybkjær holds a workshop and teaches you how to fold your own figurines. You can also sign up for Hans Dybkjær’s Origami Lecture. At the lecture you will learn about the history and culture of Origami, and experiment with the folding of simple, but characteristic models.