Manga Artist Battle

Experience a fight to the death between Denmark and Japan's most talented manga artists

Time: September 29, 17h00-18h00
Doors open at 16h30
Place: Viborg Musiksal, Gravene 25, 8800 Viborg

Notice: This event will also be livestreamed on our Facebook Page.

The pencils have been sharpened and the hand-to-eye coordination is at top levels, when Denmark meets Japan in a fierce battle to settle once and for all, which nation has fostered the best comic book artists. Guided by drawing enthusiast and Snapchat phenomenon Lakserytteren, both students and professionals from the world of drawing meet in an epic battle for world drawing dominion. The skills and imagination of the participants will be challenged, when they are asked to illustrate one complicated subject after the other.
The participants have been chosen to represent the drawing talent of the two nations. The Japanese team arrive with the rich manga tradition as they step onto the stage with pencils at the ready. Here they’ll face the Danish participants, who may be under seated, but also have their arsenal full of both satire and irony.
A special jury will make sure that everything follows the rules, while a meticulously built clap-o-meter will gauge the enthusiastic response from the crowd, thus making sure that only the very best will still be standing when the pencil dust has settled.

One thing is for sure. After the Manga Artist Battle, the world of drawing will never be the same again.


Keiko Takemiya vs. Karoline Stjernfelt

Team Japan: Uki Mishima, Kento Matsuura and Yuriko Hara.
Team Danmark: Emil Friis ErnstSilja Lin Ilum Danielsen and Thorbjørn Petersen