Time: September 28, 9.30am – 5pm
Place: Viborg Town Hall, Prinsens Allé 5, 8800 Viborg

Join the most important Japanese and Danish creative media industry companies at the Forum to discuss the challenges and opportunities facing the industry, exchange knowledge and network. The conference is centered around the following themes: CONTENT – IP to Franchise, PRODUCTION – New Technology Creating Media and MARKET – Monetization & Metadata (mobile games).

A panel consisting of three representatives from Japanese and Danish companies will discuss each topic lead along by a great moderator.
The conference is in English and Japanese; open to professionals from the creative media industry.

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For clarifying questions about the conference, please contact:
Christine Thaarup // cthaarup@email.dk

© LEGO - Ninjago

CONTENT – IP to Franchise

The secret to success starts with an epic story and strong characters. LEGO is one of the world’s strongest brands, and in Japan, the tradition of working intensely with IPs has created a fan culture like nowhere else on the planet. How can Japanese and Danish animation and games studios incorporate and learn from each other’s ways of developing and working with IPs?

Moderator: Jakob Stegelmann

© Unity
© Unity

PRODUCTION – New Technology Creating Media

Unity just launched Cinemachine, a new component to their game engine, which could seriously revolutionize the animated film industry, and the Danish start-up Rokoko developed a Motion Capture suit, which reduces the cost of producing animation. Together with A-film, the largest animation studio in Scandinavia, they will discuss how technology can lead to smarter workflows.

Moderator: Michael Hegner, WilFilm

© SYBO - Spil Subway Surfers

MARKET – Monetization & Metadata (mobile games)

How do you create a mobile game that makes users all over the world playing and happily paying for years? Worker Bee are experts when it comes to bringing Western gameplay to the Japanese mobile market and SYBO Games nailed it with their megahit Subway Surfers, which, five years after its launch, is still the world’s most downloaded mobile game.

Moderator: Jan Neiiendam, Interactive Denmark / Danish Producers Association


Supported by the Danish Ministry of Culture, the Danish Ministry of Industry, Business & Financial Affairs, The Danish Film Institute, Nordisk Film Fund, Viborg Kommune and Region Midtjylland, Aarhus 2017, EU-Japan Fest Japan Committee, Interactive Denmark, Annecy International Animation Film Festival, Arsenalet Game Incubation, SYBO Games, Invest in Denmark, and the Animation Workshop.