Fantastic World

Fantastic World shows a new wave in manga where the graphic novel by Ryo Hirano, as the name implies, leads us to a fantastic universe of original creatures and worlds. Kawaii & Epikuu has the pleasure of showing some of Ryo Hirano’s pages from the comic book that’s ready to take over the world.

FANTASTIC WORLD is set under the Earth’s crust in a strange and broken land called Shanbalah, home to a boy called Biko and his sidekick Ha-chan (Tooth-boy), a tooth that shares Biko’s DNA. After an attack by a killer AI called Kuma, they decided to leave their home and explore the outside world. They find Yuma, a robot yearning for her boyfriend Oumi, a machine in a faraway location. After Yuma accidentally killed in a battle, they promised Yuma that they will take her memory back-up to Oumi. The journey is perilous, but the thrilling adventures they share deepen their bonds.

The graphic novel FANTASTIC WORLD features a colorful world, relatable characters and exciting adventures. The serious themes include conflict over water, war refugees, AI emotions, and the quest to share understanding. It is a missing link between the comic of East and West. This is the first serialization comic by Ryo Hirano, a Japanese short animation director. Soon to be published in French language as a printed book.

Lecture about Fantastic World by Ryo Hirano (in English)

Time: Friday, September 29th, 15h30-16h30
Place: Viborg Museum, Hjultorvet, 8800 Viborg

Comic creator Ryo Hirano
©︎Ryo Hirano/LEED Publishing CO.,LTD./FOGHORN
Fantastic World viser en ny bølge i manga, hvor tegneserien af Ryo Hirano, som navnet antyder, tager os med til et fantastisk univers af nye væsner og verdener. Kawaii & Epikku har fornøjelsen af at vise nogle af Ryo Hiranos sider fra tegneserien, som er klar til at overtage verden.