Animated Science – Animation Worth Sharing – TED-Ed and TAW // Gerta Xhelo & Henrik Malmgreen

Gerta Xhelo

Gerta Xhelo is the Content Producer at TED-Ed. Since joining TED in 2013, she has co-curated and managed the editorial and visual production of 500+ educational videos which have reached nearly 1 billion viewers around the world. Prior to TED-Ed she was the Creative Resource Manager at The Mill, a world leading visual effects studio, where she recruited and developed talent for the 2D department.

She produces design and animation independently for Kirart and recently started teaching a Career Strategies course at The School of Visual Arts in NY.

This presentation will include a screening of selected work, followed by a discussion of TED-Ed’s production process and some of the unique creative challenges faced when creating animation for educational purposes. Join us to see how you can get involved and collaborate with us.

Henrik Malmgreen

Henrik runs GoodJobStudios the worlds smallest full service animation studio, creating designbased animated illustration and soundtracks. Formally trained as an illustrator(MA) and interaction designer(BA), Henrik aims to deliver high quality pictures, music and narratives within both fiction and function.

Henrik has made three films for TED ED where he directs, designs, animates and creates the soundtrack including music. At Sci Vi Henrik will talk about the animators process when having the manus in his hands.