Animated Health

Animated Health focuses on creating new tools to make healthcare better through the use of animation, games and new technology. In 2018 the topic of the conference is how the use of VR, and AR can help medical world of today

Time: September 26, 8.45 – 16.00.
Place: VIA University College, Prinsens Allé 2, 8800 Viborg

Animated Health is presenting new ways of making healthcare better. Either through new tools, better communication or better ways to support education. The main focus is on solutions involving animation, games or technology. Networking and partnerships is a key ingredient in the conference.

The purpose of the conference is to present solutions, generate inspiration and ideas, share knowledge and support networking and creation of new relationships. Some challenges are best solved when we work together across municipalities, regions, disciplines, and competencies, and Animated Health would like to place itself as a venue where knowledge and inspiration can spread and new collaborations arise.

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Brian Kristiansen // // 87 87 60 55

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