Animation & graphics in an VR/AR context

Time: Thursday, September 27th, 19.00
Place: TBC

AGXR is a series of talks about the use of animation and graphics in a VR/AR context. Listen to industry specialist share their knowledge on the area. Which skills, technologies, use case scenarios should the animation and graphics industries prepare for with the proliferation of VR/AR?


Mette Tange / Tumblehead 19.00 – 19.45
Experiences with VR animation

Mette Tange is an animator with experience working on VR productions such as Piggy and Age of Sail.

FX Goby / Nexus / Google Spotlight 19.45 – 20.25
Animation in VR

FX Goby (co-director) and Mark Davies (co-project lead) will be discussing their experiences making ‘Back to the Moon’.  This homage to the film pioneer George Méliès was released simultaneously as a full VR experience, an interactive ‘magic window’ experience through the Google Spotlight Stories mobile app, a YouTube 360 film and a more traditional linear edit.  FX and Mark will discuss the journey of the project while exploring what they learned about interactive immersive filmmaking.

EDWON  / Waba VR 20.25 – 21.00
Edwon is a former Imagineer who now creates cuteness technology, virtual characters, animation, and videos! He shares his experiences with using animation and AI to create the world’s first intelligent virtual companion. WABA is an exploration in procedural animation, Artificial intelligence, and the concept of living virtual “toys”, an exciting new domain for the world of animation and games.

Waba is an interactive character, empathy simulator, and a virtual pet! Waba wobbles when you touch him, and he’ll also wobble your heartstrings. Waba was developed for controller-based VR with the goal of creating a special form of interactivity and presence that can only exist within the medium of virtual reality.



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