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In order to make you better acquainted with our VAF Artist of the Year, we decided to ask Réka some questions about her process from idea to finished film.

What is your process like when you get an idea?

This is a hard question, as the process entirely depends on my mood, where I am, what the project is, and what it needs. Sometimes its all drawings, sometimes its more writing the concept to clear the picture. It is an intuitive process, which also includes a specific focus. If there is a glimpse of an idea that I find interesting enough, than I will try to focus on my observations, filtering them according the project.

What is the weirdest situation you ever got an idea from?

I cannot recall an extremely weird situation but if I m in the middle of a project, I get many ideas on public transport, where I just zone out while looking out the window. The same thing happens if I attend a boring talk or lecture. Sometimes watching films I find boring, also get me into this kind off  “zone out, and get an idea” state of mind.

What do you find is the most difficult part about making animated short films?

To keep being engaged to one idea for as long as production lasts. Both my films took me years to make, because of the technique and the length. At the moment I’m trying to make something short, in a short time, which should still be a personal project and not commissioned work. Lets see how that goes.

Which part is the most rewarding?

Watching your film for the first time after a year of putting it together is scary, depressing but also the best feeling you can get in life. I’m usually crying and then I just sit around in a room for a day.

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