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© Hayao Miyazaki/ Studio Ghibli

First time at VAF? Look no further!

The big bad fox and other tales – Everyone has heard about the tale of the Big Bad Wolf, but has anyone ever heard the story of the Big Bad Fox? Come along into the forest and see how even a fox can become the surrogate mother of three little chickens, in a series of stories where nature is flipped on its head! Wednesday 27/9 at 21h00

My neighbour Totoro – Of all director Hayao Miyazaki’s beloved film classics, My neighbor Totoro might be the one that elicits the most nostalgia among his many fans in the West. Quintessential Miyazaki magic, good for what ails you! Sunday 01/10 at 13h00

Spirited Away – The story of Chihiro, who must venture into a surreal fantasy land to lift a curse on her parents, is an unforgettable epic with a both universal and very specifically Japanese appeal. Sunday 1/10 at 19h00 

© ShoujirouNishimi, Guillaume Renard // Ankama Studios, Studio 4°C.

Films for teenagers

Mutafukaz – Get ready for car chasings, gunfire and intergalactic mafia bosses. In the mega town Dead Meat City we follow the pizza delivery boy, Angelino, who after a dramatic scooter accident develops superpowers. Mutafukaz is nothing less than an action-packed wonder world. Tuesday 26/9 21h00

Student Film Competition – The second edition of the Student Film Competition consists of the newest and most striking student and graduation films from leading European animation schools, displaying the unique stories and accomplished craftsmanship of talented young filmmakers. Friday 29/9 at 15h00 and Saturday 30/9 at 15h00

Mind Game – Cheerfully leaving genre conventions by the wayside, Studio 4°C takes us on a rambling journey from Tokyo to heaven and hell to the stomach of a giant whale. Sights along the way include a wealth of different animation and design styles. Everything is possible and nothing is certain in Mind Game! Sunday 1/10 at 21h00

© Hayao Miyazaki/ Studio Ghibli

Film connoisseurs

Princess Mononoke – The warrior Ashitaka has been bitten and infected by an outrageous creature. In search for a cure he travels eastwards, where he meets Princess Mononoke in the middle of a conflict between mining communities and nature. A girl who was raised by wolves and is more animal than human. Monday 25/9 at 21h00

Akira – The biker gang member Tetsuo, has a bike accident which awakes his devastating psychic powers. Katsuhiro Ôtomo’s AKIRA is a dystopian animation classic: Gorgeous, genre-defining and cool as all hell. Thursday 28/9 at 21h00

Japanomania – The Japanomania short film programme consists of six short films produced in Denmark. All the short films have the common trait that the directors have been inspired by Japan, manga and anime. Sunday 1/10 at 17h00

© Karla Von Bengtson / Copenhagen Bombay Rights 1 ApS.

Films for Kids

Yo-Kai Watch – One hot summer day, Nate, an average young boy, spots a weird machine in the woods. Out comes a big-mouthed Yo-kai named Whisper who hands him a Yo-kai Watch. Yo-kai are invisible beings that cause mischief and trouble. Wednesday 27/9 at 17h00

Shortfilms for Kids – This year’s short film programme for children consists of 14 funny, crazy and sweet films. The characters in the films range from octopi, goats, puffins to earth worms and rice balls! Friday 29/9 at 10h00 and Saturday 30/9 at 11h00

Next Door Spy – Ten-year-old Agathe Christine, AC, is quite the lonewolf. She has set up an office in her parents’ house to serve as headquarters for her blossoming career as a private detective. One day she meets the mysterious Vincent and gets a funny feeling in her belly, she takes it as a forewarning; something is going on.  Sunday 1/10 at 17h00

© British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)

Lovers of the past? This is for you!

Hokusai: Beyond the Great Wave – Japan’s most influential artists, most people probably know his woodblock print The Great Wave off Kanagawa. Hokusai was an unusually productive artist and this documentary explores the works of his last 30 years in depth. Monday 25/9 at 19h00

Japanese Animated Film Classics – The Japanese Animated Film Classics is a collection of 6 animated short films from Japan made in the period between 1929 and 1941. The short films mark the celebration of the 100th anniversary of anime in Japan. Thursday 28/9 at 19h00

Ethel & Ernest – Through the eyes of Ethel and Ernest, we follow some of the defining moments in the 20th century; from the preface of World War 2, to the building of the welfare state and the moon landing in 1969. A heart-breaking and bittersweet ode to the ordinary people of an extraordinary generation. Friday 29/9 at 19h00