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By: Marie Teglgaard Hassing

At Game Expo during Viborg Animation Festival, a bunch of dedicated professionals and volunteers work hard at showing off the plurality of the game world, when they organize Game Expo and invite everybody to enter a world of games, as they said during Game Expo 2019. 

Games are for everyone

– Game Expo gets people with all kinds of backgrounds together to enjoy games: Computer games, video games, board games, card games. We want to show all the great things about playing games. Spending time together, creativity, competition, and challenge. In that way, Game Expo is for everyone from interested kids and adults, to game industry professionals, tells Hannibal Glaser, project manager at Game Expo 2019, who works with games at The Animation Workshop in Viborg, Denmark.

When asked what Game Expo does to attract visitors of both sexes and all ages, he answers:

– We gather all kinds of games to make sure that there is something for every taste. And we invite people to explore it all. Many girls are into shooter games and many boys enjoy games about gardening. We also see that our outreach on Facebook is split 50/50 between girls and boys. Moreover, Game Expo is a platform to engage people who think that games aren’t for them.

Visitor numbers double every year

Game Expo started in 2016 and has roughly doubled its visitor numbers every year since. In 2019, Game Expo welcomed 4000 guests.

In addition to The Animation Workshop, several other educational institutions contribute to Game Expo.

– In 2020, we will work on including even more educations in Game Expo. Game Expo is not just for game developers and animators. For instance, we are very happy that students from Mercantec built a giant Game Expo logo that doubles as a bench. We also received help to 3D-print medals, and we would like to expand these partnerships in the future, says Peter Meldgaard, who has been a part of Game Expo since the beginning.

The volunteers also played an important role in making Game Expo a success, and their commitment will still be needed in 2020.

– All the kind, forthcoming, and creative volunteers made the greatest impression on me during Game Expo 2019. My highest priority for Game Expo 2020 is that volunteering will be an amazing experience, says Hannibal Glaser.

Games worthwhile and rewarding

The selection of games for Game Expo spans from retro arcade machines to the newest thrills in virtual reality, and from small productions created by students and startups to the more commercial ones. When the Game Expo crew selects games, the most important parameter is quality, tells Peter Meldgaard:

– My best memories about games are centered around having a good time together with others and about feeling a connection with the creator of the game while you explore it. Games should never be a form of escapism. Playing games should be a rewarding experience.