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To create a cross aesthetic journey into the puzzling and immense solar system this year VAF has joined forces with renowned composer Niels Marthinsen, jazz singer Susi Hyldgaard, awardwinning director Réka Bucsi and Aarhus Jazz Orchestra.

The solar system is full of mysteries and unanswered questions. It makes us feel tiny and as a part of something bigger, it triggers questions of faith, life and the Big Bang. How can we ever understand the Universe? Moreover, how does it influence our life on Earth – right here and right now?

Solar Walk is a high quality, live artistic performance combining original modern jazz big band music, poetic songs, and animated images. It is an innovative and experimental performance creating a strong artistic and emotional experience for audiences of all ages by presenting the story of the solar system and our role in it.

The artists behind Solar Walk

Susi Hyldgaard is a Danish jazz singer, pianist and composer. Susi’s lyrics takes us from big thoughts of the Universe and Big Bang to the concept of human emotion and how we, just like the planets, are drawn towards each other.

Niels Marthinsen is one of the best technically grounded composers in Denmark. He has worked in various genres and some of his works include The Confessional, a full-scale opera, and the symphonies Monster Symphony, Snapshot Symphony and The Planets.

 Réka Bucsi is an internationally awarded and Oscar shortlisted independent Hungarian animation filmmaker. Réka aims at creating visuals that describe the way humans perceive their surroundings in a melancholic and poetic way, with a twist of humor.

Aarhus Jazz Orchestra is composed of 17 brilliant musicians and is one of the leading big bands in Europe.

Solar Walk one of four performances in the series Origins, a part of Aarhus 2017.