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Just like last year, we’ll be hosting a Game Expo for everyone with an interest in games and technology. Aside from showcasing more than 20 different games from local developers, we’ve also added another activity which is particularly popular these days: Virtual Reality.

The technology is not yet a common household item, unlike video game consoles, which is why we want to offer people a taste of the future. All our festival particpants are welcome to experience virtual worlds – completely free of charge – with sets of our HTC Vive equipment.

One game you’ll be able to try is ‘The Lab’. Watch the gameplay below:

Aside from ‘The Lab’, we’ll also be hosting a Virtual Reality Jam where students from The Animation Workshop will be divided into teams and over the course of two days compete over which team can create the best new game. On the second day, a jury will choose a winner who will additionally get the honor of having their game be part of the Expo. We’ll be sharing more information about this event at a later time.

We’ll also offer a VR-park for anyone who would like to experience VR but have no interest in games. Visitors will be able to step into a room, put on VR-glasses and move between 3D drawings. This virtual “park” allows children and grown-ups to see the what lies behind the traditional 2D drawing.

(c) CITIA 2016 – Annecy Festival / Virtual Reality & Animation Demos

(c) CITIA 2016 – Annecy Festival / Virtual Reality & Animation Demos

The Game and VR Expo will take place at the theatre Carte Blanche during the following days:

Friday, 30th of September: 15.00 – 20.00
Saturday, 1st of OCtober: 11.00 – 20.00
Sunday, 2nd of October: 11.00 – 17.00

Also, check out our Facebook event.